Lacrosse D1 Championships

#SportsVizSunday – April 2021An adventure into Map Layers in Tableau Introduction After tackling Adaptive Sports in the last #SportsVizSunday I decided to give another topic I knew very little about, Lacrosse, a go in the latest challenge. Whilst I find it easier to viz about subject I know very well and have a keen interestContinue reading “Lacrosse D1 Championships”

#SWDChallenge – Dec 2020 Critique the (re)create

This months challenge was an interesting one and very similar to a popular visualisation community scheme, #MakeoverMonday, where an existing visual is shown with the task to review it and then build something different and hopefully better. Below was the initial chart. Critique Whenever giving feedback, I always try and be fair and considered inContinue reading “#SWDChallenge – Dec 2020 Critique the (re)create”

Titanic – Great Loss of Life

Background The visualisation was my November submission for the #SWDChallenge – Explain Change.  When I saw the briefing for the challenge I made up my mind to look at a previous submission back in 2018.  This was a Waterfall chart showing the passenger and crew numbers boarding the titanic with then the decrease representing theContinue reading “Titanic – Great Loss of Life”

My experience of the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam

I was pretty blown away by the response I got from my recent successful Tableau Associate Certification on Twitter so I decided to share my experiences in the hope that maybe one or two of the tips will help those in the future. Resources I used – Weeks before the exam Firstly, there are aContinue reading “My experience of the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam”